Demo Reel 2012

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Greg Hunsburger Lighting & Texture Demo 2012 from Greg Hunsburger on Vimeo.


3 final renders posted for posts sake

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Alright so these are the 3 start frames for pieces to go on my reel.
I am flying them around some forums to try and get feed back which, time permitting I’ll be retooling and posting my progress here, I needed to re-save and post my Neon and Chromes to black out the alpha…

so here they all are again:

Mad Science By Greg Hunsburger WIP Jan 22

Neon and Chrome Late Afternoon by Greg Hunsburger January 22

Neon an Chrome By Night By Greg Hunsburger Jan 22

Aaaaand we’re back

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I am finally saying done (enough) for now.

I spent the last couple of days retooling a little bit, tweaking lights and finishing up textures. I am very happy with some elements and not so keen on others but most importantly, I buy it for a late afternoon:
Greg Hunsburger's Neon and CHrome at Late Afternoon WIP

I also took an afternoon (really, only an afternoon – which I think says something about my lighting abilities!) to do this night shot!
Greg Hunsburger Neon and CHrome in the dead of night WIP JAN20

I know, I know smarty pants. Why would anyone in their right mind want to park their car HERE?/if it’s so derelict, maybe they shouldn’t have kept someone on hand to polish and change the lightbulbs.

but hey, just think how it’d look if I’d made the textures all crispy new! (ya it’s coming.)

next up: camera moves and presentation in video: reel good.

time for sleep – and of course maya crashes

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this is as far as I got.
I still need to hit the door on the inside of the garage with a little colour, and the diamond wall things need a real texture on em. I’ll also need to give at least a suggestion as to what’s behind the diamond walls and what’s beside the building.

I’m pretty pleased with the textures. I am fully aware that I’ve pushed it a little bit… mmm nonsensically far now. That for any place to be that dirty and in such disrepair there should be big cracks, and probably hanging wires, broken glass… more general detritus around.

Greg Hunsburger Neon and CHrome Jan 19AM

Obviously I haven’t hit my target for completion, but I’ve learned a lot along the way!

for starters, being really wise about texture file size has meant that my render time is only 19 seconds! woot! I kept spilling into higher and higher render time in my other scenes and this is a likely culprit! (granted I had a fair bit of glass/refractions and reflections I was working with).
Does make me wonder how much time I’ve lost to this simple mistake of giving maya HUGE files to render from! – I know that I can shave a few seconds off of this too, since I wasn’t even being THAT particular about file size/types of files.

Other things to fix are the ‘for lease’ sign (too saturated, it’s grabbing too much attention, I think.
-see what it will look like with some lights on inside now and try a night pass… among a billion other things… (weird wall on the right side in, inside, at the tail of the red wall marking
I’m happy enough with the normals and textures though. I realize that they are grainy but I’m hoping ton fuzz it with a zdepth focus pull in post.

till tomorrow…

Progress – about to burn the midnight oil

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– reminds me to go find some Midnight Oil tracks… why not.

Greg Hunsburger Neon and Chrome January 18th PM

here I am now, getting that dirt and smearing it around… I got brash and brashly put some sketchbook drawings and life drawings in and amongst the brash. – I swear I have never used brash in a sentence, I just wanted to try it out!

a close up: I’ve also reworked the concrete on the broader structure there…
Greg Hunsburger Neon and CHrome Close Up January in the PM

and now for some green tea…

Progress Report

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Neon and Chrome again. with really not much of either neon or chrome! huh, just realized that… anyway

peep these:
Greg Hunsburger Neon and CHrome Work In Progress January 18th

and a close up of the bulk of today’s work:
Greg Hunsburger Neon and CHrome Close Up January 18th

my remarks:
going slower than I expected. I was getting some really funky texture problems with the ‘P’ shape on the island due to poor geometry (it’s really just smash/bent together…) so the Ambient Occlusion was leaving these really strange artifacts of the folding. So, I got preoccupied and waffled between fixing the geo and just mashing the texture into oblivion. You of course can not see the careful cutting and cloning I did to fix it since, well, it still looked like garbage so, smash that texture into obvlivion I did. and I actually like the results making it look like a rusted out beat up piece of scrap.
Same can be said for the Street light, actually.
Serves me right, I should have taken more time remodeling or cutting UVs… what can I say, I figured I could gloss it since the element is rather small… HA! I got hung up over the awkward seams and I’m only just happy enough with this because I’m trying to reach a deadline with it! –

deadline: tonight. ouch. I don’t think I’ll make it, well enough, but I’m not going to doubt it yet. I AM however, taking a break since my eyes feel like cubes.

more to come tonight…

End of Day JAN 17th

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Alright, it wasn’t the most productive day, I couldn’t concentrate at all. It could be that the direction this was going in, I wasn’t really feeling.
I’m happy to say that now, at the end of the day I finally found a stride and I’m very pleased with how things are going!
So, here it is and it’s getting DURRRRRTY:
Greg Hunsburger's Neon and Chrome Work in Progress January 17th

I had mentioned a close up of the sign I was happy with yesterday so, here it is:
G Hunsburger Neon And Chrome Sign Close up

Loving it. can’t wait to grime up the rest of that matted concrete too.
I’m going to finish it, everything, tomorrow. that’s the plan!